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Toll free Services

As a part of our unified cloud based communication solutions, we offer to our business clients a unique opportunity to take advantage of our affordable Toll Free number services. With the help of a smart call management system such as ours, we assist our business clients in facilitating more business and creating a more reliable and positive professional image in the market.

By availing our Toll Free services, you are able to route your calls to any other number. Small businesses and startups with little human resources especially find this valuable considering it is easy for managers and business owners to answer calls from their cell phones, home phones and even from phones in a different country.

This system demands minimum setup and maintenance and still offers to you significantly enhanced number of leads and conversion rates. Among the various valuable features you will most enjoy the automated customer call recording system that helps gather critical MIS. For more information on our toll free number services, feel free to give us a call or write to us!


  • feature 21

    Never Loose Business Leads – Web interface to access call logs in real time

  • feature 221

    Big Company Image – Greet callers with professionally recorded message

  • feature 23

    Handles large call volume*

  • feature 24

    Program call routing, after office hours

  • feature 25

    Receive Call on existing numbers