Bulk Email

Bulk Email Service Provider, Company in New Delhi NCR

Bulk Email

Email Marketing is one of the least expensive marketing channels. Today, most email marketers are paying just a few paisas for each email and the ROI on the email is really high. Email marketing forms a very small part of the total marketing budget, but is still a very effective way of generating revenues. Although, email marketing has become widespread, email marketers are still not leveraging the true potential of email marketing.

Here we take care of the smallest details to make an email marketing campaign a success.

Key Features of our Email service

  • feature 1

    Save time in sending emails to an entire list of customers.

  • feature 2

    Create new mailing lists based on business requirements.

  • feature 3

    Schedule emails to send at a specific time, according to your convenience.

  • feature 4

    Custom fields for personalization

  • feature 5

    Import / Export Contacts