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Virtual Number / Long Code

Among the pioneers of virtual number or long code technologies, we at VoiceTree technologies offer to small and medium sized businesses a unique service that allows them to gain access to a 10 digit mobile number that can be effectively used to send and receive SMS globally.

As a business, you have the freedom to own a unique virtual mobile number at a very minimal cost. Furthermore, this solution proves to be extremely affordable when compared to its short code counterpart.

Our Virtual Mobile services come with world class SaaA based user interfaces that are extremely easy to configure and equally easy to integrate with other cloud based communication solutions offered by Kcswebtech Solutions.

With full service right at your fingertips engaging via text with your existing and potential customers is a cake walk.




  • Inherited global access (prefix the country code)

  • No premium SMS charges

  • Personalized sender ID

  • API Integration

  • 99.99% uptime