Bulk SMS Virtual Number / Long Code Short Code Toll Free Interactive Voice Responce Loyalty programme Solutions

Short Code

Our interactive messaging mechanism offered at Kcswebtech Solutions is an effective technology based solution that helps easily complete a cycle between a message sender and a receiver. This specific service is designed for enterprises to leverage the advantages of cloud based communications with the help of a safe and reliable infrastructure.

Through our two way messaging system, your business will be able to send messages to short codes. The response to these messages can be then initiated using a variety of channels such as voice, SMS and email.

With this tool, engaging with your audience members on a mass basis is cake walk. Furthermore, the interactive nature of this solution is unmatchable!


The Key Features of this technology are –

  • Create multiple number of keywords with unique rules of each one of them
  • Facilitate automated group SMS, emails and voice calls
  • Support URL Forwarding as well as HTTP integration
  • Configure rules on the go along with auto response and URL forwarding
  • Complete Reporting