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Bulk SMS

Leveraging SMS Tools for Mass Business Communications and Engagement!



A growing number of small as well as medium sized companies are choosing to adopt SMS technologies to effective communicate with clients, potential customers and other stakeholders. With ample scope with regards to promotion and engagement, your business too, can benefit from our seamless cloud based SMS solution.

As one of the most preferred marketing methods in the business world today, our SMS feature is able to enhance your bottom lines by helping you leverage features such as maintenance of comprehensive history of SMS on an easy to use and access portal. Our simple platform allows you to maintain existing contacts, revive old ones and find unique ways to stay engaged with your target audience.

Key Features of our SMS service

  • Create and maintain an online contact lest
  • Bulk upload of critical contact information via Excel
  • Downloadable delivery reports
  • Easy to use management options
  • Ability to customize your SMS account online.